Albutt Fork Positioner
Albutt Fork PositionerAlbutt Fork PositionerAlbutt Fork Positioner

Pallet Fork Positioners

The Albutt Fork Fork Positioner allows users to quickly and accurately move pallet forks from the comfort of the cab. By operating a hydraulic service, the forks can move to suit various pallet sizes and loads – ideal for busy yards and construction sites where getting out of the cab can create a health and safety issue. The Albutt Fork Positioner can be bought complete with pallet forks or can take OEM forks for specific machines. The 4100 kg capacity makes the attachment suitable for a variety of machines and applications.



  • Accurate fork positioning, control position of pallet forks from the cab
  • Option to be supplied with Pallet Forks
  • Excellent visibility, strength and versatility
  • Spill Guard
  • Nylon bushes
  • Road transport fork retainers
  • Available with JCB Q Fit, Merlo, Manitou or Pin and Cone Brackets
  • 4.1 tonne lift capacity
  • Forks open to 1100mm (outside)
  • Forks close to 385mm (outside)


Model Capacity Fork Spread Brackets Forks Included Weight
PFP410JCB 4100 kg 1,100 mm JCB Q Fit No  250 kg
PFP410JCBPF 4100 kg 1,100 mm JCB Q Fit Yes 390 kg
PFP410MAN 4100 kg 1,100 mm Manitou No 250 kg
PFP410MANPF 4100 kg 1,100 mm Manitou Yes 390 kg
PFP410MER 4100 kg 1,100 mm Merlo ZM2 No 250 kg
PFP410MERPF 4100 kg 1,100 mm Merlo ZM2 Yes 390 kg
PFP410PAC 4100 kg 1,100 mm Pin & Cone No 250 kg
PFP410PACPF 4100 kg 1,100 mm Pin & Cone Yes 390 kg

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