High Tip Bucket
Albutt High Tip BucketHigh Tip BucketHigh Tip Bucket

High Tip Buckets for Grain Handling

The Albutt range of High Tip Buckets is split into 2 ranges. The ‘A’ range is for the handling of large volumes of grain where the ‘WA’ range is for general purpose, muck and waste handling. Both ranges incorporate high capacity hydraulic cylinders, cushioned bucket closing, Hardox 500 cradle, and a boron 500 leading edge. The Albutt high tip bucket range reduces cycle times and allows for the quick loading of high sided trailers. The tipping mechanism gives approximately 1m of of extra height and forward dump. ‘A0’ models feature a 5mm bucket shell whereas ‘WA’ models incorporate a 6mm Domex shell.





  • Fitted with long life cutting edge 500 Brinell hardened boron steel.
  • Cradle manufactured from Hardox 500
  • Twin hydraulic rams
  • Bucket cushioning
  • Increase tipping height and forward reach by 1.0m approx
  • Ideal for loading high sided trailers
  • Clean shell bucket


Model Width Capacity Weight Req. Loader Capacity
A130-90HT 9’0″ 3.68 m3 1400 kg 5.5 tonne
A104-90HT 9’0″ 2.95 m3 1300 kg 4.0 tonne
A123-86HT 8’6″ 3.50 m3 1330 kg 5.0 tonne
A098-86HT 8’6″ 2.77 m3 1270 kg 4.0 tonne
A116-80HT 8’0″ 3.27 m3 1250 kg 4.5 tonne
A092-80HT 8’0″ 2.60 m3 1150 kg 3.0 tonne
A070-76HT 7’6″ 2.00 m3 760 kg 2.8 tonne
A050-76HT 7’6″ 1.40 m3 670 kg 2.5 tonne
A042-70HT 7’0″ 1.13 m3 540 kg 2.0 tonne
A035-70HT 7’0″ 0.99 m3 470 kg 1.5 tonne
A025-66HT 6’6″ 0.70 m3 380 kg 1.0 tonne

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Albutt high tip bucket from Robin Normington on Vimeo.