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Grain Buckets

The Albutt range of Grain Buckets have been expertly designed on over 45 years of attachment building experience. A host of standout features truly make the Albutt Grain Buckets market leaders for specification, design and build quality. With brackets designed specifically for the machine and headstock type required, the grain bucket range is able to achieve the maximum crowd and dump angles available.

For working on wooden floors, an optional plastic cutting edge can be specified. See attached pictures.



  • Fitted with long life cutting edge and corner wear pads, made from 500 Brinell hardened boron steel.
  • Corner gussets
  • Brackets mounted on straps for even load distribution
  • Side stiffeners
  • Under floor strapping plates
  • Vertical inside gussetts fitted to A095-80GB and larger capacity grain buckets
  • Optional bolt on cutting edge – 500 brinell or plastic
  • Available with plastic cutting edge for wooden floors; see pictures


Model Width Capacity Height Depth Weight
A162-90GB 9’0″ 4.60 m3 1,425 mm 1,728 mm 1,041 kgs
A141-90GB 9’0″ 4.00 m3 1,337 mm 1,621 mm 890 kgs
A129-90GB 9’0″ 3.66 m3 1,314 mm 1,471 mm 761 kgs
A152-86GB 8’6″ 4.30 m3 1,425 mm 1,728 mm 1,005 kgs
A120-86GB 8’6″ 3.40 m3 1,314 mm 1,471 mm 695 kgs
A105-80GB 8’0″ 2.97 m3 1,233 mm 1,472 mm 647 kgs
A095-80GB 8’0″ 2.70 m3 1,181 mm 1,357 mm 614 kgs
A070-76GB 7’6″ 2.00 m3 1,054 mm 1,227 mm 523 kgs

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