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Buck Rakes – KV Type Tines

The Albutt range of Buck Rakes are designed for to provide a strong, reliable partner for your clamp tractor or loading shovel. The new high capacity gate is manufactured from high grade weldmesh, giving ultimate strength whilst offering great visibility. Pin size, tine holder thickness, ram size and overall design are unrivalled in the Buck Rake market and subsequently they are used all over the world from Australia and New Zealand to USA and Canada. All models come as standard with double side tines.

For working the clamp at night, ask about our high visibility Working Light kit.


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  • 1400mm spoon end tines
  • 60mm diameter main pivot pin
  • Double side tines
  • High flow divider valve to prevent gate twists
  • 3 position top link holes
  • 100 x 100 x 10mm tine holder
  • Double profile gate mounting to prevent arms bending
  • Leant forward spill frame on gate
  • Suitable for Tractor 3 point linkage or Telehandler brackets (optional extra)
  • High grade weldmesh gate
  • Gate runs on side tine; no underside wear


Model Width Tines Capacity Weight
B808PP 8′ 15 3.65m3 980kgs
B809PP 9′ 16 4.12m3 1020kgs
B810PP 10′ 18 4.60m3 1060kgs


Model Description
BHTGLK Tine guard with marker lights
BHWLK Work lights for night time clamp work