Waste King Bucket & Grab – Ultra Heavy Duty

Waste King Bucket Grab


The Albutt Waste King Bucket Grab offers unrivalled strength and durability in the Waste Attachment market. By incorporating high tensile materials such as Strenx and Hardox, the grab is renowned for it’s heavy duty build quality. When performance is your deciding factor, a host of features make the Waste King the obvious option.






  • High tensile steel STRENX body
  • Integral spill guard
  • 50mm grab pivots with self lubricating bushes
  • Hydraulic rams bushed
  • Armoured hoses
  • Hydraulic rams protected by bolt on ram guards
  • 3 piece HB500 bolt on reversible toe plate
  • Split two piece grab; ideal for uneven loads
  • Hydraulic rams cushioned
  • Genuine Hardox grab tines
  • Corner gussets
  • Brackets included
  • Rolled bucket profile
  • Used and trusted by some of the Waste and Recycling industry's leading names
  • Wear strips underneath bucket

Featuring our ALS pin system - better lubrication properties than zinc plated pins


Model Capacity Width Weight
WA052-76WG 1.50m3 7’6” 1050kgs
WA062-80WG 1.75m3 8′ 1150kgs
WA072-76WG 2.00m3 7’6” 1190kgs
WA082-80WG 2.30m3 8′ 1250kgs
WA089-88WG 2.51m3 8’8” 1410kgs

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Model Retail 1 off nett 3 off nett 6 off nett
WA052-76WG £8,706 £6,529 £6,366 £6,207
WA062-80WG £9,023 £6,767 £6,598 £6,433
WA072-76WG £9,800 £7,350 £7,167 £6,987
WA082-80WG £9,970 £7,478 £7,291 £7,109
WA089-88WG £10,120 £7,590 £7,400 £7,215


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