Waste Bucket & Grab

Waste Bucket & Grab


The Albutt Waste Bucket and Grab is designed to provide a medium to heavy duty solution for waste handling. The high capacity rams are protected by bolt on covers with high grade pins used throughout. The grab pins and ram seals are also protected by the use of grab stops which prevent over extension of the grab. A heavy duty bucket features a rolled back and large corner gussets.



  • Grab pivots bushed with self lubricating bushes
  • Hydraulic rams bushed
  • Hydraulic ram guards
  • Rams and pins protected with grab stops
  • Suitable for use with telehandlers
  • Welded cutting edge 500 Brinell
  • Capacities include volume of bucket and volume under grab combined

Featuring our ALS pin system - better lubrication properties than zinc plated pins



Model Capacity Height Depth Width Weight
WA043-66BG 1.22 m3 786 mm 1,010 mm 6’6″ 620 kgs
WA047-76BG 1.30 m3 786 mm 1,010 mm 7’6″ 880 kgs
WA061-76BG 1.70 m3 905 mm 1,130 mm 7’6″ 960 kgs
WA079-76BG 2.20 m3 950 mm 1,350mm 7’6″ 1,000 kgs
WA082-80BG 2.35 m3 950 mm 1,350mm 8’0″ 1,180 kgs

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Model Retail 1 off nett
WA043-66BG £5,815 £4,362
WA047-76BG £5,959 £4,469
WA061-76BG £6,488 £4,866
WA079-76BG £7,256 £5,442
WA082-80BG £7,376 £5,532
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