Waste Bucket & Retention Claw

Waste Bucket with Retention Claw


The Albutt Waste Bucket and Retention Claw is designed to give a heavy duty option for moving low density materials such as paper and cans. The claw is shallow compared to similar models, keeping material compact within the bucket itself. Not designed to grab but rather act as a lid for loose materials. For further security, a mesh fill can be added between the grab tines. To avoid piecing cans and the like, the grab can be specified with a toe plate to be welded across the tine tips. All models come with an option for a bolt on reversible leading edge.



  • Heavy duty waste bucket with retention claw
  • Claw fits close to bucket sides to contain loose materials inside the bucket
  • Ideal to handle low density materials, paper, cardboard, plastic and cans
  • One piece claw with close spaced tines
  • Heavy duty bucket with 500 brinnel cutting edge
  • Optional bolt on cutting edge
  • Optional mesh infill to grab tines
  • Optional plate fitted to grab tines

Featuring our ALS pin system - better lubrication properties than zinc plated pins


Model Capacity Width Claw Tines Weight
WA053-76BC 1.50 m3 7’6″ 8 800 kgs
WA073-76BC 2.07 m3 7’6″ 8 1,020 kgs
WA078-80BC 2.21 m3 8’0″ 8 1,090 kgs

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Model Retail 1 off nett
WA053-76BC £5,154 £3,866
WA073-76BC £5,386 £4,039
WA078-80BC £5,626 £4,219
Mesh Claw £939 £704


Model Description
MESH-FILL EXP Mesh fill to grab for loose materials
GRAB-PLATE Toe Plate for grab tines
BL Bolt on reversible toe plate
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