Shear King – Ultra High Capacity

Shear Kings


The Albutt Shear King high capacity shear grab is designed to be used with telehandlers and wheeled loaders with a minimum lift of 4 tonnes. The grabs have a capacity of 2.20m3 and 2.50m3 and a width of 2.20m and 2.50m. Users wanting to handle large amounts of silage and maximise their machines’ productivity are the ideal customers for this new grab. With a large capacity, the number of cuts and journey times can be reduced, improving silage quality and handling efficiency.

Our Shear Grabs have been the recognised market leader for a number of years. Manufactured by ourselves in either our Tewkesbury or Evesham facilities, we are proud that our grabs are British built, supporting the British dairy industry.






  • Suitable for machines with a 4 tonne plus lift
  • Hardox tines welded into heavy duty box section; 15 or 17
  • High tensile STRENX front blade
  • Hardox cutting blades to the front and side of the grab
  • Twin double acting hydraulic rams; 125mm bore
  • Heavy duty box sections; 10mm wall
  • Grab pivots 60mm and bushed, ram pivots 40mm and bushed
  • Front grab double skinned for maximum strength
  • Long term reliability with a great cut for a clean clamp face
  • Suitable for grass, maize and wholecrop
  • Height 1229mm / Depth 1323mm / Jaw Opening 1111mm
  • Optional Ejector Gate
  • Recommended to be used with Albutt’s bolt on bracket system – ask your dealer for details

Featuring our ALS pin system - better lubrication properties than zinc plated pins


Model Tines Width Weight m3
SK220HX 15 2.20m 1320kgs 2.20m3
SK250HX 17 2.50m 1390kgs 2.50m3

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Model Retail 1 off nett 3 off nett 6 off nett
SKM190HX** £8,837 £6,628 £6,462 £6,031
SKM220HX** £9,043 £6,783 £6,613 £6,448
SKM250HX** £9,558 £7,169 £6,990 £6,815
SK220HX** £10,506 £7,880 £7,683 £7,490
SK250HX** £10,959 £8,219 £8,014 £7,814
Filled Back £350 £263
** bolt on brackets nett cost £300 + VAT
** bolt on brackets retail cost £400 + VAT


Ejector Option

New for 2020, we have developed an Ejector Gate option for our Shear King range of Shear Grabs. The benefits of an Ejector system include;-

  • Assisting wheeled loaders with restricted lift height in loading high sided feeder wagons
  • Allows silage to be cleanly cut and pushed out in a solid block – solid blocks maintain calorific value whilst reducing wastage


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