Shear Buckets

Shear Buckets


The Albutt Shear Bucket range is based on the ultra high strength design of the Shear King range, providing excellent cutting capabilities on all silage types. The grab is taken directly off of the Shear King ranges and features the same high tensile steels (Hardox & Strenx) throughout. The bucket floor is braced by underside Hardox tines for maximum durability. Across the front edge of the bucket is a specially commissioned Hardox cutting edge, sharpened to enter the pit face as clean as possible. This process is bolstered by cutting edges to the side profiles of the bucket.






  • Hardox cutting blades to the front and side of the grab
  • High tensile STRENX front blade
  • Hardox cutting edge across front of bucket floor
  • Twin double acting hydraulic rams
  • Heavy duty box sections; 10mm wall
  • Grab pivots 60mm (SKB/SKMB), 50mm (SB) and bushed
  • Front grab double skinned for maximum strength
  • Long term reliability with a great cut for a clean clamp face
  • Suitable for maize, wholecrop and precision chopped grass silage
  • Hardox tines brace the bucket floor
  • Recommended to be used with Albutt’s bolt on bracket system – ask your dealer for details

Featuring our ALS pin system - better lubrication properties than zinc plated pins


Shear Buckets – For machines with a 2-3 tonne lift

Model Width Weight m3 Bore Size Opening
SB190HX 1.90m 760kgs 1.00m3 100mm 760mm
SB220HX 2.20m 815kgs 1.15m3 100mm 760mm

Shear King Mini Buckets – For machines with a 3-4 tonne lift

Model Width Weight m3 Bore Size Opening
SKMB190HX 1.90m 1070kgs 1.40m3 115mm 946mm
SKMB220HX 2.20m 1150kgs 1.60m3 115mm 946mm
SKMB250HX 2.50m 1320kgs 1.80m3 115mm 946mm

Shear King Buckets – For machines with a 4 tonne plus lift

Model Width Weight m3 Bore Size Opening
SKB220HX 2.20m 1520kgs 2.20m3 125mm 1111mm
SKB250HX 2.50m 1590kgs 2.50m3 125mm 1111mm

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Model Retail 1 off nett 3 off nett 6 off nett
SB191HX** £7,622 £5,717 £5,574 £5,434
SB221HX** £7,828 £5,871 £5,724 £5,581
SB251HX** £8,034 £6,026 £5,875 £5,728
SKMB190HX** £10,197 £7,648 £7,457 £7,270
SKMB220HX** £10,403 £7,802 £7,607 £7,417
SKMB250HX** £10,774 £8,080 £7,878 £7,681
SKB220HX** £12,257 £9,193 £8,963 £8,739
SKB250HX** £12,710 £9,533 £9,294 £9,062
** bolt on brackets nett cost £300 + VAT
** bolt on brackets retail cost £400 + VAT


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