Pallet Fork Carriage for Merlo Forks

Merlo Pallet Fork Carriage


The Albutt Merlo Pallet Fork Carriage allows Merlo Pallet Forks to be pickup and dropped off the machine without having to leave the cab (providing you have hydraulic locking). The existing Merlo Forks sit on this Albutt Carriage and can be moved side to site across the bar.



  • See through visability
  • Couple - uncouple pallet forks without leaving the cab
  • Improved efficiency and safety


Model Lift Capacity XZ
G400 merlo 4.0 Tonne Forks supplied with Merlo



Model Retail 1 off nett 3 off nett 6 off nett
G400MERLO £531 £399 £389 £379
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