Round Bar Pallet Fork Carriage without Forks

The Albutt Round Bar Pallet Fork Carriage picks up he customers’ existing round bar pallet forks, dramatically increases site efficiency. The carriage means that the user can drop the forks off the headstock and pick up another attachment without leaving the cab (if the machine has hydraulic locking). To check which carriage suites your existing pallet forks, please call our sales office.



  • Pallet fork and round bar supplied with JCB telehandler
  • This attachment enables the user to pick up and use pallet forks without leaving the cab (hydraulic pin locking)
  • Available to suit two sizes of round bar 50mm or 57mm
  • Comes with Fork Retainers for safe road transport


Model Lift Capacity Fork Size
G350JCB 3.5 Tonne 50 mm Bar floating forks
G400JCB 4.0 Tonne 57 mm Bar floating forks
G500JCB 5.0 Tonne 57 mm Bar floating forks
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