Round Bar Pallet Fork Carriage with Forks

Round Bar Pallet Fork Carriages with Forks


The Albutt Pallet Fork Carriage with Floating Forks allows loads of 1.5 tonne to 6 tonne to be moved, depending on model. The forks can be manually positioned at a desired width by sliding them across the round bars supplied. Mounting brackets to suit your prime mover are fitted to the carriage as standard.



  • Pallet forks mounted on a round bar
  • Round bar has vertical float
  • Pallet forks can be positioned along round bar with clamp bolts
  • Complete with telehandler brackets
  • Comes with Fork Retainers for safe road transport
  • Pallet forks 1220mm long
  • Optional load guard


Model Width
P151PF 1.5 Tonne
P251PF 2.5 Tonne
P351PF 3.5 Tonne
P451PF 4.5 Tonne
P601PF 6.0 Tonne


Model Retail 1 off nett
P151PF £1,880 £1,410
P251PF £1,911 £1,433
P351PF £2,001 £1,501
P451PF £2,048 £1,536
P601PF £2,465 £1,849
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