High Tip Buckets – Sludgecake Handling

High Tip Buckets – Sludgecake Handling


The Albutt single ram range of High Tip Buckets are designed to handle large capacities of dense, sticky materials such as sludgecake and feed. The ram is mounted vertically in the centre of the bucket meaning it operates away from the material being handle. In key stress areas, high tensile steels Hardox and Strenx are used. Compared to other high tip buckets in our product range, the single ram range features a much shorter floor to maintain tear out force when handling dense materials. All models come as standard with a bolt on, reversible toe plate. Brackets to suit your wheeled loader are included.






  • HARDOX cradle for maximum strength
  • STRENX high tensile steel bucket shell
  • Bolt on replaceable heel pads – 500 brinell
  • Bolt on reversible toe plate – 500 brinell
  • Welded base toe plate – 500 brinell
  • Remote greasing points
  • Bolt on protective ram covers
  • Single, vertical mounted ram - operates away from material
  • Bucket cushioning
  • ALS pin system - better lubrication properties than zinc plated equivalents
  • Over centre valve
  • Optional spill guard


Model Width Height Depth Capacity Weight
WA120-S-90HTBL 9′ 1486mm 1388mm 3.40m3 1370kg
WA112-S-86HTBL 8’6” 1486mm 1388mm 3.17m3 1296kg
WA105-S-80HTBL 8′ 1486mm 1388mm 3.03m3 1220kg


Model Retail 1 off nett
WA120-S-90HTBL £11,825 £8,869
WA112-S-86HTBL £11,199 £8,399
WA105-S-80HTBL £10,579 £7,934
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