High Tip Buckets – Grain Handling

High Tip Buckets – Grain Handling


The Albutt ‘A’ range of High Tip Buckets are an ideal solution for increasing grain loading times. The tipping mechanism allows for an extra 1 meter of height and forward reach – ideal for use on loading shovels loading into high sided trailers. The Hardox cradle is designed to minimise grain traps whilst also incorporating a remote greasing feature. On return from tip, the bucket rests on large rubber bump stops both protecting the tipping frame and dampening noise. All buckets feature a 500 brinnell weld on toe plate as standard with the option of a second bolt on reversible version.






  • HARDOX cradle for maximum strength
  • Optional bolt on reversible toe plate – 500 brinell
  • Welded base toe plate – 500 brinell
  • Remote greasing points - A092-80HT models and larger
  • Twin hydraulic rams
  • Bucket cushioning
  • Bolt on protective ram covers


Model Width Capacity Weight Height Depth
WA247-104HTBL 10’4″ 7.00m3 3360kg 2088mm 2116mm
WA194-910HTBL 9’10” 5.50m3 3110kg 1920mm 2111mm
A141-90HT 9’0″ 4.00m3 1500kg 1510mm 1735mm
A130-90HT 9’0″ 3.68m3 1400kg 1335mm 1900mm
A104-90HT 9’0″ 2.95m3 1300kg 1230mm 1735mm
A123-86HT 8’6″ 3.50m3 1330kg 1335mm 1900mm
A098-86HT 8’6″ 2.77m3 1270kg 1230mm 1735mm
A116-80HT 8’0″ 3.27m3 1250kg 1335mm 1900mm
A092-80HT 8’0″ 2.60m3 1150kg 1230mm 1735mm
A070-76HT 7’6″ 2.00m3 760kg 1100mm 1680mm
A050-76HT 7’6″ 1.40m3 670kg 910mm 1389mm
A042-70HT 7’0″ 1.13m3 540 kg 910mm 1240mm
A035-70HT 7’0″ 0.99m3 470kg 830mm 1240mm
A025-66HT 6’6″ 0.70m3 380kg 800mm 1175mm

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Model Retail 1 off nett
A130-90HT £14,580 £10,935
A104-90HT £10,762 £8,072
A123-86HT £13,476 £10,107
A098-86HT £10,613 £7,960
A116-80HT £12,609 £9,457
A092-80HT £10,232 £7,674
A070-76HT £9,873 £7,405
A050-76HT £8,907 £6,681
A042-70HT £8,534 £6,400
A035-70HT £8,219 £6,164
A025-66HT £7,689 £5,767
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