High Tip Buckets – Manure & Waste Handling

High Tip Buckets – Manure & Waste Handling


The Albutt ‘WA’ range of High Tip Buckets are based on an ultra heavy duty design – suitable for applications from muck to waste handling. Featuring a 6mm Strenx bucket shell and a Hardox 500 cradle, the use of high tensile steels throughout ensure maximum durability for those intense applications. Ideal for use on the loading shovels, the larger models in the range give an approximate 1 meter of extra height and forward reach – ideal for loading high sided trailers. The ‘WA’ range also incorporates bolt on protective ram covers and remote greasing points.






  • HARDOX cradle for maximum strength
  • STRENX high tensile steel bucket shell
  • Bolt on replaceable heel pads - 500 brinell
  • Bolt on reversible toe plate - 500 brinell
  • Welded base toe plate - 500 brinell
  • Remote greasing points
  • Bolt on protective ram covers
  • Twin hydraulic rams
  • Bucket cushioning


Model Width Capacity Weight Height Depth
WA247-104HTBL 10’4″ 7.00m3 3360kg 2088mm 2116mm
WA194-910HTBL 9’10” 5.50m3 3110kg 1920mm 2111mm
WA177-90HTBL 9’0″ 5.00m3 2400kg 1510mm 1918mm
WA141-90HTBL 9’0″ 4.00m3 1765kg 1510mm 1735mm
WA130-90HTBL 9’0″ 3.68m3 1620kg 1335mm 1900mm
WA104-90HTBL 9’0″ 2.95m3 1565kg 1230mm 1735mm
WA123-86HTBL 8’6″ 3.50m3 1540kg 1335mm 1900mm
WA098-86HTBL 8’6″ 2.77m3 1320kg 1230mm 1735mm
WA079-86HTBL 8’6″ 2.25m3 1250kg 1100mm 1680mm
WA116-80HTBL 8’0″ 3.27m3 1525kg 1335mm 1900mm
WA092-80HTBL 8’0″ 2.60m3 1330kg 1230mm 1735mm
WA070-76HTBL 7’6″ 2.00m3 975kg 1100mm 1680mm
WA050-76HTBL 7’6″ 1.40m3 870kg 910mm 1389mm
WA042-70HTBL 7’0″ 1.13m3 650kg 910mm 1240mm
WA035-70HTBL 7’0″ 0.99m3 610kg 830mm 1240mm
WA025-66HTBL 6’6″ 0.70m3 495kg 800mm 1175mm

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Model Retail 1 off nett
WA130-90HTBL £16,871 £12,653
WA104-90HTBL £12,811 £9,608
WA123-86HTBL £15,558 £11,669
WA098-86HTBL £12,638 £9,479
WA116-80HTBL £14,356 £10,767
WA092-80HTBL £12,246 £9,185
WA070-76HTBL £11,870 £8,903
WA050-76HTBL £10,886 £8,165
WA042-70HTBL £10,650 £7,988
WA035-70HTBL £10,438 £7,829
WA025-66HTBL £9,871 £7,403


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