Optimus-8 HD Buckets

Designed to withstand the toughest of environments, the OPTIMUS-8 range of heavy duty 8mm buckets have a host of features specifically aimed at providing a longer operating life compared to 4mm buckets currently available in the UK.  Used and trusted by many of the waste industry’s leading names, the OPTIMUS-8 range of buckets have the proven track record to perform in the toughest of farm applications. If reliability and strength are vital to your operation, be sure you ask your dealer about Albutt OPTIMUS-8.






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  • 8mm bucket shell & sides
  • HB500 long life leading edge and underside heel pads
  • Heavy duty, full length side gussets
  • 12mm thick side stiffeners
  • Brackets mounted onto 12mm thick support straps
  • 150 x 12mm thick underfloor straps
  • Pressed rolled bucket back
  • Vertical support gussets - A095-80 and larger buckets
  • Optional Spill Guards & Bolt on Toe Plates


9′ to 8′ 6” wide models

Model Width Capacity Height Depth Weight
A201-96HD 9’6” 5.68m3 1,575mm 2,073mm 1,671kg
A171-96HD 9’6” 4.84m3 1,425mm 1,728mm 1,592kg
A190-90HD 9′ 5.38m3 1,575mm 2,073mm 1,620kg
A162-90HD 9 4.60m3 1,425mm 1,728mm 1,530kg
A141-90HD 9′ 4.00m3 1,337mm 1,621mm 1,300kg
A129-90HD 9′ 3.66m3 1,314mm 1,471mm 1,120kg
A063-90HD 9′ 1.78m3 900mm 1,092mm 720kg
A179-86HD 8’6” 5.00m3 1,575mm 2,073mm 1,570kg
A152-86HD 8’6” 4.30m3 1,425mm 1,728mm 1,480kg
A133-86HD 8’6” 3.77m3 1,337mm 1,621mm 1,205kg
A120-86HD 8’6” 3.40m3 1,314mm 1,471mm 1,045kg
A112-86HD 8’6” 3.20m3 1,233mm 1,472mm 1,035kg
A060-86HD 8’6” 1.70m3 900mm 1,092mm 620kg

8′ to 7′ wide models

Model Width Capacity Height Depth Weight
A144-80HD 8′ 4.10m3 1,425mm 1,728mm 1,424kg
A125-80HD 8′ 3.54m3 1,337mm 1,337mm 1,130kg
A115-80HD 8′ 3.25m3 1,314mm 1,471mm 990kg
A105-80HD 8′ 2.97m3 1,233mm 1,472mm 960kg
A095-80HD 8′ 2.70m3 1,181mm 1,357mm 870kg
A075-80HD 8′ 2.10m3 1,054mm 1,227mm 688kg
A063-80HD 8′ 1.78m3 960mm 1,090mm 635kg
A056-80HD 8′ 1.60m3 901mm 1,030mm 587kg
A043-80HD 8′ 1.20m3 784mm 857mm 545kg
A032-80HD 8′ 0.90m3 678mm 702mm 430kg
A070-76HD 7’6” 2.00m3 1,054mm 1,227mm 660kg
A060-76HD 7’6” 1.70m3 960mm 1,090mm 610kg
A053-76HD 7’6” 1.50m3 901mm 1,030mm 562kg
A040-76HD 7’6” 1.13m3 784mm 857mm 525kg
A066-70HD 7′ 1.90m3 1,054mm 1,227mm 643kg
A056-70HD 7′ 1.60m3 960mm 1,090mm 593kg
A049-70HD 7′ 1.40m3 901mm 1,030mm 545kg
A044-70HD 7′ 1.25m3 850mm 1,030mm 535kg
A037-70HD 7′ 1.05m3 784mm 857mm 470kg

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