Grass Forks

The Albutt Grass Fork is designed to be used on Loading Shovels and maximise the potential of your clamp machine. As a lower cost optionĀ alternative to a Folding Fork, the Grass Fork utilities the same high tensile steels such as Hardox and Strenx to offer a cost effective, ultra heavy duty option for working the silage clamp.

For working the clamp on a telehandler, check out our telehandler models. Featuring 1650mm Hardox base tines, the models provide the heavy duty build quality of the loading shovel models but at a reduced working weight.





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  • 1650mm long genuine Hardox tines
  • STRENX high tensile steel fork back
  • Complete with 2 side tines
  • Brackets included to suit your Loading Shovel or Telehandler
  • Cut outs in fork back give user visibility
  • Optional bolt on spill guard
  • Optional maize plates
  • High capacities mean large volumes of material can be moved in one load
  • Suitable for grass/maize/wholecrop silage
  • Heavy duty design
  • 200 x 100mm tine holder
  • Underside wear strip to tine holder


Loading Shovel Models

Model Capacity Width Weight
B908HX 4.57m3 8′ 1570kgs
B909HX 5.15m3 9′ 1690kgs
B910HX 5.71m3 10′ 1820kgs

Telehandler Models

Model Capacity Width Weight
B708HX 3.70m3 8′ 920kgs
B709HX 4.16m3 9′ 1000kgs
B710HX 4.60m3 10′ 1080kgs

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Telehandler Models

Loading Shovel Models



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