Grab Buckets

Grab Buckets


Albutt bucket grabs are a versatile attachment for material handling in agriculture. Offering the features of a bucket and fork grab in one attachment. The bucket features bolted sides which can be removed for muck handling etc. The wide opening grab features Hardox high tensile steel tines which are welded into a thick walled tube, providing high strength and long term reliability. The bucket edge can touch a vertical face with the grab open, allowing corners in buildings to be cleared. This new attachment is suitable for use with telehandlers and loaders.






  • Genuine Hardox grab tines - Option for KV type
  • Open and close grab stops; protect pins and cylinders
  • Removable side panels
  • Rolled bucket shell
  • Wide opening grabs
  • High capacity hydraulic cylinders
  • Brackets included to suit your Telehandler, Loader or Wheeled Shovel
  • HB500 welded in leading edge
  • 10mm wall CHS tine holder

Featuring our ALS pin system - better lubrication properties than zinc plated pins


Model Width m3 Grab Opening Weight
A085-80BGHX 8′ 2.35m3 1740mm 1065kgs
A059-80BGHX 8′ 1.64m3 1430mm 810kgs
A081-76BGHX 7’6″ 2.20m3 1740mm 1000kgs
A055-76BGHX 7’6″ 1.53m3 1430mm 780kgs
A051-70BGHX 7′ 1.42m3 1430mm 750kgs
A048-66BGHX 6’6″ 1.30m3 1430mm 700kgs
A043-60BGHX 6′ 1.22m3 1430mm 680kgs

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Model Retail 1 off nett 3 off nett 6 off nett
A085-80BGHX £5,676 £4,257 £4,151 £4,047
A059-80BGHX £5,485 £4,114 £4,011 £3,910
A081-76BGHX £5,583 £4,187 £4,082 £3,980
A055-76BGHX £5,328 £3,996 £3,896 £3,799
A051-70BGHX £5,068 £3,801 £3,706 £3,613
A048-66BGHX £4,929 £3,696 £3,604 £3,514
A043-60BGHX £4,666 £3,499 £3,412 £3,327
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