F501 Bale Grab

F501 Bale Handler


The Albutt F501 Multi Bale Stacker is designed to offer a quick and efficient means of moving and stacking round or square bales. The F501 is designed to handle 2 x Hesston bales or 3 x Mini Hesston bales. It features curved, KV type tines which simultaneously enter the bales for quick and easy stacking. A single ram is mounted with Hardox bracing. Square bales are secured with 2 x straight base tines.





F501 Features

  • Handle square or round bales
  • 1200kgs lift capacity
  • Suitable for Telehandlers & Tractor Loaders
  • KV type Tines
  • Hardox central bracing system
  • Recommended to be used with Albutt’s bolt on bracket system – ask your dealer for details
  • Synchronised wing movement
  • Handles 2 x Hesstons Bales / 3 x Mini Hesston Bales
  • Stack round bales in columns or rows
  • Stack in field, barn or on a lorry
  • Eliminate double handling
  • Utilise barn space
  • Tines are released from bale before movement of machine


Model Tines Will Handle;
F501 8 x curved / 2 x straight 2 x Hesstons / 3 x Mini Hesstons

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Model Retail 1 off nett 3 off nett 6 off nett
F501** £3,420 £2,565 £2,501 £2,438
** bolt on brackets nett cost £300 + VAT
** bolt on brackets retail cost £400 + VAT


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