F470 Contractor Bale Grab

F470 Bale Handler


The Albutt F470 Bale Grab is a contractor quality, heavy duty bale handler aimed at high intensity users. The side squeeze operation provides a simple yet effective tool for moving both square and round silage bales. Lateral movement of the clamp can be adjusted to allow for the largest possible range whilst keeping the frame width at a minimum. A heavy duty spill frame means a second square bale can be stacked. Bolt on brackets allow the bale handler can simply have the brackets swapped if the machine type is changed. If the machine has two hydraulic services to the attachment, both width adjustment and the clamp movement operations can be handled from the cab. If the machine only has one hydraulic service, 2 x three way valves on the F470 can be manually operated to switch between width adjustment or clamp movement services.



  • Handle square or round bales
  • Contractor / heavy user design and build quality
  • Handle wrapped silage or straw bales
  • Opens from 700mm to 2450mm
  • Lift capacity 2000kgs
  • Weight 600kgs
  • Spill frame allows second square bale to be carried
  • Plastic bushes
  • Fitted with lateral adjustment for the largest possible range whilst keeping frame width at a minimum
  • 2 x Three way valves select between clamp movement or width adjustment
  • Set maximum width required, then adjust valve to operate clamp movement
  • Compact width when closed allows access to restricted areas
  • Recommended to be used with Albutt’s bolt on bracket system – ask your dealer for details
  • Normally in stock
  • Minimum 3 tonne lift machine required


Model Open width Closed Weight Capacity
F470 2450mm 700mm 600kgs 2000kgs

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Model Retail 1 off nett
F470** £5,529 £4,147
** bolt on brackets nett cost £300 + VAT
** bolt on brackets retail cost £400 + VAT


Valve Settings

1/ Face both handles towards the cab and open the arms to set the maximum width required.

2/ Turn both handles away from the cab to operate the clamping arms. They will now open between the maximum width as set and 600mm narrower than this width.



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