Bucket Brushes

Bucket Brushes


The Albutt Bucket Brush can be used to sweep/collect a large variety of materials such as grain, slurry, fertiliser, aggregate, mud etc. The galvanised canopy can be adjusted to suit a variety of bucket types with durable poly bristles fitted as standard. Supplied as standard with mounting brackets, we can supply the brush to fit your existing bucket or fitted to a suitable Albutt bucket. The Albutt Bucket Brush comes with a motor protection valve as standard. A variety of optional extras can be supplied such a easy stand to keep the brushes secure when not in use.



• Adjustable galvanised canopy for optimum fitting
• Hydraulic drive; max flow 60 lpm / max pressure 207bar
• Motor protection valve fitted as standard
• Supplied with quick hitch mounting brackets and hydraulic hoses
• Suitable for collecting a variety of materials
• Galvanised canopy
• Poly brushes
• Suitable for most bucket types; speak to our Sales Office for details
• Quick and easy to fit
• Minimum bucket height required - 780mm
• Can be stored upright


Model To Fit Bucket Width
SBW40 5′ to 5’6” wide
SBW60 6′ to 6’6” wide
SBW80 7′ to 7’6” wide
SBW100 8′ to 8’6” wide

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Model Retail 1 off nett
SBW40 £2,450 £1,838
SBW60 £2,450 £1,838
SBW80 £2,450 £1,838
SBW100 £2,600 £1,950


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