Bag Filling Buckets

Bag Filling Buckets


The Albutt Bag Filling Bucket is the ultimate time saving attachment for use in busy yards. It allows the quick fill of tote bags with heavy free flowing material such as sand, aggregate, gravel etc. To be used with any telehandler or loader, trailers and vans can also be filled with precise control. The design means that when bags are filled they can be accurately stacked or loaded onto trailers and trucks.

The Albutt Bag Filling Bucket incorporates several key features setting it apart from similar models available on the market. For this, the product is used the world over with distributors taking the product around the globe.






  • HB500 Brinnel cutting edge
  • STRENX high tensile steel shell
  • Hardox Wearparts
  • 0.50m3, 0.60m3 and 1.00m3 capacity models
  • Complete with quick release brackets for telehandlers or loaders
  • Bags secured on hangers; remove bags without operator leaving the cab
  • Fast filling accurately controlled by two trap doors (controlled from the cab)
  • 40 bags can be filled per hour
  • Heavy duty design with direct acting hydraulic door control with over pressure protection
  • Hydraulic cylinder covered
  • Rod end of ram can be manually tightened
  • Nylon bushes on door pivots eliminates requirements for grease points which can get clogged by material such as sand
  • Suitable for dense material such as sand, aggregate, etc
  • Painted red & black as standard - special colours available on request


Model Capacity Width Weight
BF500 0.50m3 1220mm 370kgs
BF600 0.60m3 1330mm 390kgs
BF1000 1.00m3 1600mm 440kgs

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Model Retail 1 off nett 3 off nett 6 off nett
BF500** with Bolt On Brackets £3,324 £2,493 £2,431 £2,370
BF600** with Bolt On Brackets £3,885 £2,914 £2,841 £2,770
BF1000** with Bolt On Brackets £4,552 £3,414 £3,328 £3,245
BF500 with Welded Brackets £3,530 £2,647 £2,581 £2,517
BF600 with Welded Brackets £4,091 £3,068 £2,992 £2,917
BF1000 with Welded Brackets £4,758 £3,568 £3,479 £3,392
Sleeved Bag Kit £650 £488
** bolt on brackets nett cost £300 + VAT
** bolt on brackets retail cost £400 + VAT


Full Sleeve Bags

Loading and moving bags with full sleeves? Consider our bolt on arm system which allows full sleeve bags to be loaded, moved and stacked with an existing Albutt Bag Filling Bucket with a bolt on bracket frame.

Model Description
01-2085-BA Bolt on arm system for full sleeve bags

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Allen Frey – Sales Manager
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