Fork mounted hook

Pallet Fork Hooks – Adjustable

Simple and cost effective way over moving loads on the pallet forks of your prime mover. The swivel hook is mounted to a heavy duty frame which can slide across the length of your forks. It is clamped into place by tightening two twist clamps.




  • Adjustable lifting positions
  • Fast and simple fitting
  • Complete with swivel hook and shackle
  • Clamps firmly anywhere along forks
  • Reduces truck lift capacity by negligible amount
  • Low cost
  • Fully tested, certified and complete with test certificate


Model Max. Fork Size Fork Spread Capacity Weight
FMH-A2.0 140 x 50 mm 698 mm 2,000 kg 20 kg
FMH-A3.0 140 x 50 mm 698 mm 3,000 kg 24 kg
FMH-A4.0 140 x 50 mm 698 mm 4,000 kg 28 kg
FMH-A5.0 140 x 50 mm 698 mm 5,000 kg 32 kg